How to call a Dominatrix, before this One Loses her Patience

I'm ready to fucking EXPLODE and it's not even 1pm. I wish it was my paid phone domination line ringing, but instead it's my direct line listed on my backpage ad. I have 4 different (917) numbers in my inbox that just say 'Hi', another guy just called me sounding like a cop, another couldn't speak english and kept shouting "FOOT FETISH HOW MUCH" and another called for a 2 hour brown shower session, but he has no references and wants to see me in 15 minutes.

Okay. Breathe. Sometimes I swear I answer the phone just to curse out the person on the other end, which is a horrible idea. But it seems these motherfuckers call me forgetting there's a real life person on the end. Not just that, there's a real life Mistress on the other end. Many real time sex workers know this fucking struggle. And as a real time Domme with an internet presence, I go back and forth between whether or not it's a good idea to leave my direct line up.

But honestly, it's never not worked for me. Older clients can't really navigate through a website, or sometimes they're at work and can't risk opening up a NSFW website. It could be a privacy concern for some. And honestly, a 5-6 minute call to arrange an appointment feels so much easier than paragraph long emails over days. Mistress Calysto and Pandora's Box have both stressed to me the importance of a 'phone girl'. Those few minutes of hearing your voice and your attitude could sway anyone over into coming into your deep dark dungeon and spending hundreds of dollars on you.

So, in my perfect fantasy world, here's an outline of what you'll need to know and what you should be prepared to speak about when calling a Dominatrix to book a session.

1. First off, when you call a Dominatrix, you should at least have an understanding of what BDSM is, and an idea of what you're looking for. 2. State your name, and why you're calling (ex: Hi I'm Rob and I'm looking to book an appointment) 3. Refrain from calling and just shouting "Where are you" or "How much?" It's weird.. a little creepy and makes you sound really desperate. I don't wanna see you. 4. Here's are the questions I usually ask when speaking to a client and scheduling their appointment;

What type of BDSM scene are you into? What would you say are you hard limits? How much experience do you have in this lifestyle? or if you're asking for a hardcore scene, I will ask who you have seen before. & When is you availability?

5. And if your dick is in your hand when you call me, I will know and I will refer you to my paid phone domination line.

Thanks, L. Toro

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