I had so much fun at Exxxotica Chicago, so I definitely couldn't miss out on hitting on of my favorite cities for the next exxxotica. I'll be in Portland and I'm looking forward to seeing some fresh faces and spending time with all my old friends. I'll be signing with the Clips4Sale booth, where I'll be selling prints, dvds and signing autographs! Come say hi, take a picture & hang out :) I'll be at the booth all weekend, all day. Don't miss your chance!

I'm happy to announce I will be in Las Vegas this 1/24 to 1/28 for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo! Find me at the CLIPS4SALE booth and say hello! During my time in Vegas I will be taking Cash pointmeets ($200 limits + deposit) and limited sessions. I am also available for trade shoots.

The 29th I'm heading to Los Angeles where I will be through 2/07. I'll be taking sessions at the exquisite DTLADominas dungeon. I'm looking forward to playing with the city's masochists. I'm already booking up fast for LA, so be sure to apply soon to serve. All sessions require a reference and a deposit, so be sure to have those ready when you contact me.

On the rare chance that you want to reach me same day, I can always be contacted directly through niteflirt.com/ladytoro#chat or theladytoro@gmail.com.

P.S. My new member's site is nexocams.com/ladytoro. There's a couple free photosets for those who sign up and add me as a friend! & Those who subscribe for only $20 a month get access to ALL my videos PL...

When we think of senses in BDSM play, we mostly think of 'touch'. But what about the other senses, what happens when we stimulate, or remove stimuli, from hearing, sight, or even smell?

TES is having a munch with 'kink stations' set up, where I will be teaching Sensory Play alongside other kinksters teaching HypnoKink, Bondage and more! RSVP on Fetlife!

December 2nd I will be at Parthenon's REVIVAL party hanging out  :)  RSVP HERE

& come December 16th I will be hosting our monthly Femdom Party! RSVP HERE and BUY TIX HERE

Add me on Fetlife @TheLadyToro and check out lots of other awesome fetish events happening in NYC!

 I'll be taking select sessions, cash point meets and shooting trade while visiting the Portland area this week. I look forward to seeing how the good boys of this city will impress me, along with dishing out some brutal corporal punishment. Email theladytoro@gmail.com to book your session. 

We would all appreciate it. And let's be real, you're too old to be having a grown woman wiping your ass. If you wanna get fucked in the ass, be a decent person and clean yourself out or you can go fuck yourself, literally. Luckily, some very patient and kind person (the opposite of me) took the time to write up a whole blog on how to properly clean out your asshole. 













 Pictures from howtocleanyourass.wordpress.com




Love seeing me on Spic n Spanish? Here's a collection of all the episodes I've been featured on! Ya know, if you needed to binge on me.

An adoring sub from Philadephia recounts our time together. I look forward to seeing what use I can make of him in the future.


 I am honored to have you call me charming, but you know that it is all because of you. I only want to please you.

I'm also glad that i trusted your judgment, Miss Toro. I wanted to make sure that I was able to let you do with me as you wished.

Not as scary as you seem? I'm sure you could have put the total fear of God into me if you thought I could handle it. When you started with the whips, I actually thought you were going to leave marks and make me whimper and cry. Not sure, but you may have left a couple of marks. I really liked when you taped my wrists up. I also really loved all the spit you allowed me to taste and how you kept spitting on me. So awesome!!

You were so good to me by letting me smell your perfect, pretty feet and toes.

I look forward to being on my knees before you in the future. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to worship you.


Let's see who wins the loser spotlight recently for their musings in my inbox (or dms, mentions, etc.)

A review from a recent ballbusting session in Washington D.C.!

Hey miss T
Just wanted to thank you for giving me such a memorable 4th! You have an awesome personality and sense of humor and the prettiest feet I've ever seen. I work hard as shit for my money and I love when I can spend some and have a smile on my
Face because I am getting an amazing experience that I'll be smiling about for months. I'm still laughing about how fast you got that knife out lol. Thank you again so much!

Well, I can't say he's wrong! Feel free to email your reviews to theladytoro@yahoo.com , and book your next session through the booking page.

I'm ready to fucking EXPLODE and it's not even 1pm.  I wish it was my paid phone domination line ringing, but instead it's my direct line listed on my backpage ad. I have 4 different (917) numbers in my inbox that just say 'Hi', another guy just called me sounding like a cop, another couldn't speak english and kept shouting "FOOT FETISH HOW MUCH" and another called for a 2 hour brown shower session, but he has no references and wants to see me in 15 minutes.

Okay. Breathe. Sometimes I swear I answer the phone just to curse out the person on the other end, which is a horrible idea. But it seems these motherfuckers call me forgetting there's a real life person on the end. Not just that, there's a real life Mistress on the other end. Many real time sex workers know this fucking struggle. And as a real time Domme with an internet presence, I go back and forth between whether or not it's a good idea to leave my direct line up. 

But honestly, it's never not worked for me. Older clien...

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